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I'm off to chat to my B&B client this morning about the marketing integrations that Wix can offer. She's in a tough marketplace, with and hotel search engines taking up all the SEO rankings.

it's not all doom & gloom

There are lots of ways to use Wix to leverage a marketing campaign. Here's how:

* Online marketing tools seamlessly connect your website to powerful marketing tools like google analytics, facebook pixel and mailchimp * Grow your audience, drive traffic to your site and promote your business with professional ad campaigns and track and learn how visitors engage with your site. * Create great looking landing pages with subscription forms to let visitors subscribe to your mailing list and increase your client base. * Email campaigns allow you to create & send beautiful emails and even automate them to maximise your marketing funnels

You can check out if you're looking for a classy B&B here in North Yorkshire.


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