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Today I have had to write a long email to a potential client reassuring her about using Wix and it's inspired this blog post.

Setting up a website for your new business venture is a big decision. If you don't know anything about website design, there's a whole load of conflicting information out there on the internet. There are lots of website design platforms to choose from, and hundreds of thousands of website designers. Any conscientious business person will of course do lots of research before settling on a platform that's right for them.

There are plenty of articles that focus on why NOT to use one platform or another, but my approach is to focus on the benefits to you of choosing Wix.

Here are some great reasons to use Wix:


As long as you have a Wix premium hosting plan, you can customise Wix however you want. You can use the editor to drag and drop an amazing number of pre-made elements onto your site pages and customise these in 100's of ways, or you can learn how to code and build entirely in html to get exactly what you want. You can even upload your own fonts, so there is no reason why your Wix website can't mirror your brand identity.


Here's the thing: the majority of website owners are not coding experts. They are not website design experts. What they are, is expert at their own business. They don't want to waste time with a site they can't use. They want to focus on their business, and they want to have a website that they can update quickly on the go if they need to. Wix is so easy to use that anyone can figure out how to update it - and if I build a Wix site for you, I include a tutorial just to make sure you know how to run your site.


Wix has a 24/7 technical support service PLUS a massive knowledge centre that incorporates instructions, tutorials, videos and how-tos - even down to coding examples if you really want to develop your html skills. They are continually developing new features to meet demand, so if you can dream it, you can build it, and if you get stuck help is always at hand.


One of the main advantages I see of having a site built in Wix, is that you have full ownership of everything to do with your site. You have your own Wix account, your own domain name, your own mailbox. You host your site with Wix, but you can integrate your domain name or emailbox purchased from another provider. You can change the domain name pointing to your site at any time - you are not tied into a package that bundles all of these together. Packages like that always mean it's hassle making changes, but with Wix every element is independent of the others and you have control over it all.


I've banged on about these before, but Wix includes some truly awesome marketing tools. The entire back end of Wix is essentially a brilliant CRM (customer relationship management) system. You can send automated emails, create tasks, workflows, invoices, email campaigns, facebook ads, sales funnels... the list goes on. Most Wix users are not using it to it's full potential but I am here to tell you... it's amazing.

You can check out my other blog posts for more in depth information on the different aspects of using Wix, but I hope this reassures you that it's a superb platform for any startup, entrepreneur or small business.

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