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I am going to share a quick tutorial on how to use the SEO (search engine optimisation) features in Wix.

I've covered why SEO optimisation is important and how to rank higher on google before. In addition to using those tips for ranking higher in the search engines, I also make sure I use all the SEO functions of Wix when I'm building a website.

Wix has some great SEO tools and an SEO optimiser that does a lot of the hard work for you. Here's how to use those tools:


Go to your Wix site dashboard and click on Marketing & SEO on the left. This takes you behind the scenes to the place where you can manage your keywords and check your page SEO. Click the "rank higher on Google" section and you will be taken to your SEO plan. The SEO plan lets you add or change your keywords and evaluates each page of your website to see how good your SEO is, then Wix gives you step by step instructions on how to maximise your page SEO for optimum results.


The first part of your Wix SEO plan has you choosing some appropriate keywords for your website. Wix helps you analyse keywords and suggests keywords based on your site content that it thinks are the most effective.

After you've set up your keywords, you can go back to them at any time via the SEO optimiser page. You'll see the keywords you've chosen at the top of the page and next to them there will be a clickable link that says "settings". Click the link and you can try out new keywords if your SEO isn't quite as good as you would like. Remember to use long tail keywords for maximum effect.


The SEO Optimiser has a step by step guide on how to create your page SEO, but you should review it on an ongoing basis. Here are some good practice notes for your ongoing SEO development:

  • Create your initial SEO text offline, and run it past a few trusted friends or colleagues for sense. You want to test it on people within your business as they will pick up errors, but you also want to test it on people from outside your business, to ensure it's comprehensible and jargon-free.

  • Make sure your SEO text is specific to your page. If your comany makes Widgets and Doodahs, it's no good having text describing Widgets on the Doodahs page. How is anyone going to find your Doodahs?!

  • Check your SEO periodically and change it as your site develops. If you've stopped selling Doodahs (let's face it, no-one could find them!) then your SEO should reflect that. Basically every time you make anything more than a minor change to your site you should take the time to double check your page SEO is still relevant.

  • Don't ignore tooltips and alt text. If you can make them relevant to the item they describe AND somehow use one of your keywords you're onto a winner.


Each of your blog pages has it's own SEO. When you're drafting your blog you will see Settings and SEO buttons on the left. You need to set both of these.

  • Blog settings allows you to add a cover image for your post, switch between blog authors, and add an excerpt.

  • SEO settings allows you to change the URL slug (the bit after the / in your website address), change the title for search engines, and change the post description on search engines.

As I have discussed in previous #TipsOnTuesday, adding backlinks and using hashtags will also boost your blog in the search rankings.


Finally make sure your keywords are used in your page content in a meaningful way. Your content should reflect your business, and so should your keywords, so it should be easy to write meaningful page content for your website using your chosen keywords. Don't forget that you can have long tailed keywords (basically short phrases). Remember to cross check your page content against your page SEO too.

A good Wix website designer should maximise all the Wix SEO features when they build your site. I do!

If your web designer hasn't done a great job on your Wix site SEO, or if you're struggling with a site you have built yourself I'm always happy to help with advice.

Call me on 07732 000906 if you're stuck.... #HappyToHelp #TipsOnTuesday

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