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I'm on various Wix forums and facebook pages and I see the same question cropping up a lot - how do I build a successful website?

Wix has loads of useful tools on offer and it's tempting to dive straight in and add everything to your new site at once, or pick a complicated template to work from. Soon it can get overwhelming and hopelessly confusing, especially if you're new to Wix.

My advice would always be to keep your site as simple as possible to start with. The beauty of Wix is that it's modular and you can add different things to it at any time. Do you really need a shop, a blog and a forum to begin with? Take your time to learn how to use Wix. Play around with the editor and figure out how to optimise your site for mobile. Take a look around the back end functions of the site - what can you do? How does it all work? Is your SEO optimised?


The key to building a successful site is to always plan it out first, and make sure you take the time to ask yourself some really important questions to evaluate what it is you want from your website.

These questions are the ones I always ask all my clients at the start to build a picture of their requirements for their site:

1) What is your business about?

2) What's your brand identity and style?

3) What would you search for if you were looking for your business?

4) What are your business strengths?

5) What's your target demographic - who is your customer?

6) What are your business/ website goals? Sales, site visitors, etc.

7) What's your budget and timeline?

8) Who are your competitors and what are their websites like?

9) What websites do you like best or dislike most & why?

If you want, you can download this pdf questionnaire to print out and fill in at your leisure. I hope you find it useful.

Web Questions
Download PDF • 85KB

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