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There are some great features that come along with your Wix website that can really help you market your business effectively.

I do notice that most people when building their own Wix site don't take advantage of these tools, and they all take a little bit of work to initially set up but the benefits are well worth it.

Here are my favourites.


I can just hear the Meerkat adverts. "It's automated!!" Seriously, an email that is automatically triggered by a visitor to your site is a super useful tool. Let's say you want people to come to your restaurant and you give them a money off voucher in return for subscribing. Just set up an automated email and as soon as they subscribe, they get their voucher. You will need to create a voucher template, but Wix has plenty of templates, designs and images to make your email look great.


I cannot stress enough how valuable Wix's SEO wizard is. Follow it's instructions to edit your site and you will soon be at the top of the rankings. Again, you have to put the work in setting up the SEO in the first place, but take an afternoon and sit and do it. You should include setting your alt-tags (the alternative text on images) and creating a Google map account for your business. I've blogged plenty about SEO so check out my other posts here and here


If you want information from your site visitors you have to get it by using a form. You can create your own, but helpfully Wix has a number of great form templates you can modify, including a two-step form, which is effectively like having extra pages. Not only does Wix provide a fairly generous number of forms for free (five) but it drops the data from the form into a content manager, and syncs it with your contacts.


As well as taking your input data from forms, the Wix content manager can also be used for output on your site. You can set up repeaters on your site to display content and then link them to a dataset from the content manager. For example if you have a list of members, you can create a dataset of members in the content manager and add their image and name. Next you pop a repeater box on your site with the image and name, link it to the dtaset you created and when you preview the page you see every member displayed in exactly the same way. Clever, neat and time-saving. You still need to put in the work creating the database first though.

Although Wix makes it very easy to create your site in the first place it's using the more complex tools Wix has to offer that makes it worth using an expert. The benefit of hiring someone like me is that all of these things are taken care of as part of the website design and build. So if you are struggling, I am happy to help.

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