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...and how to create one in JUST ONE hour!

A landing page - as the name suggests - is a single page that focuses on one desired outcome. Your visitor lands on the page and clicks to perform an action - subscibes to a mailing list, downloads a brochure and so on.

Key to a successful landing page is ensuring that the page promotes the desired action and sticks to explaining the benefits of performing this action. The design of the page should only focus on supporting this objective - nothing more. You need to make sure there is an easy path to get there with a single click.

The beauty of using Wix to build your website is that the editor is beautifully simple to use. I may be shooting myself in the foot here but I am going to let you in on a pro-tip: you can create a beautiful, customised and functional landing page for your business in an hour.

Here's how:

To create your landing page, go to and set up a free account. Next, pick a template. Wix offers a simple yet effective free template, which you can customize to suit your needs.

Now think about where to send visitors once they’ve clicked on your page. Will they be redirected to a shop or a subscriber form? A page within your company’s main website?

Don't forget that in order for the landing page to fulfill its purpose, you need to drive traffic to it, either via email marketing, social media or ad campaigns.

Check out this selection of best landing page examples for inspiration. You can also read more about how to create a landing page on the Wix blog.

Of course a more detailed, versatile website takes a lot more planning and design work - but if you need to get up and running quickly then a landing page may just be the perfect solution.

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