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In another #TipsOnTuesday post, let's take a step back and look at our websites in a new way.

customer focus

The best websites focus on their customers. They provide the customer with the information they're looking for and they present it in a way that's easy to navigate and interesting to read. Put simply, without focusing on your website visitors, your website won’t be effective.

Here are three things to remember when thinking about your website content:

1. Clarity and simplicity Don't fill your site with waffle. Sure, content is important for those search bots, but it should be simple, descriptive and relevant to your customer.

2. Ease of use Make it easy for visitors to do what they have come to your site to do - buy a product, find a price, check availability, contact you.

3. Solve a problem Your website visitors have a goal in mind. They are busy people who don't want to waste time trawling through your site or be distracted by a clever piece of animation. They want their problem solved. Help them achieve their goal as quickly as possible, so they have a positive user-experience.

If you want to update your content I can help! 🙂

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