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It's very easy to get excited about a new domain name. The thrill of searching out all those new ideas and coming up with the perfect website address is so appealing. It's the start of your new business venture and your new website address is going to sum it all up perfectly!

BUT WAIT... suddenly, your cherished domain name for your fantastic knowledge sharing website, doesn't look so good.

Here are some tips to help you avoid those pitfalls.

1. write it down and read it back

Write down your new domain name

with no spaces or capitals. Is it a

spelling fail? Does your business venture suddenly take on a whole new meaning? Should you hyphenate the domain to make it easier to read? By all means scribble down lots of ideas and laugh uncontrollably at some of them. Just don't register those!

2. What's in a name?

Ask yourself what you want to say about your business venture. Is your company name or your initials really the best domain name? What would people search on google to find you?

3. Make it snappy

Is your domain name too long or short? Will it fit onto your business card or marketing material? How does it look underneath [or on top of, or next to] your logo?

4. What do you do?

Consider using the best keyword for your product or service in your domain name. If you sell lobster pots go for, or maybe lobster pots are only a small part of your thing, and is a better name.

5. Where are you?

If you are only selling in the local area, or you are a venue, tourist attraction or destination, you might use your location in your domain name. perhaps.

6. put it to the vote

Got loads of ideas and not sure what to choose? Make sure your domain names are actually available and then run it past an audience. Ask your mum, your milkman, your facebook friends, it doesn't matter - their reaction will help you judge the merit of your chosen name. They might even think of a better one!

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