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I like to try to keep up to date with the latest design trends, but I have to say that there rarely seems to be a consensus amongst the design community.

Predicted 2020 trends for design included minimalism, line drawing, handwriting, sans serif font, pastels, bold colours, gradients, neons, futurism... the lists went on and on, all contradicting each other.

Good design has to work for me in two ways.


Designs must work visually to lead the eye from one element to the next, so the observer can read the story you are choosing to tell and take their journey around your content in the direction you intended.


By this I mean that the design has to convey the right feel and the correct tone of voice to represent a brand identity. This comes from the subtle intermarriage of every design element.

Of course you can incorporate the latest trends into your design, and it's great to keep up to speed on what's out there, but you don't need to slavishly incorporate every trend.

Finally, when working for a client, I always return to one final design criteria - is it in the brief?

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