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Your logo sums up your brand identity. Often it's really personal to you and it sets the tone for your entire business. Creating one in the first place can be really hard. In this post I try to help simplify the design process....

5 tips for creating your logo

Here's a little checklist of things to think about when you are deciding on a new logo:

1. Describe your business - you need a logo that fits your brand. Is it playful, serious, exciting, sporty, professional. calming, caring, go-getting?

2. Give context - what do you do? It's no good using playful fonts like comic sans for a funeral parlour, for example!

3. What's your personal style? What colours and fonts do you like? What things appeal to you? Round or square? Retro or modern?

4. Where will you use your logo? On a website - of course! - on headed paper and business cards, in leaflets and on banners. Make a list of all your possible marketing collateral as this will affect the shape and size of your logo

5. Need to spend more time on what you do best? Write down the answers to 1, 2, 3 and 4, send them to me, and I will help you to create a fabulous new logo!




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