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I don't know about you, but I do quite a bit of research and I am always looking for new ways to promote my business or find new customers.

Some of the online resources I've used are from a company called Jammy Digital. They are a fancy-pants web design and content marketing company based in Manchester. They are pretty good at what they do - and they charge a price to match, too.

I found this blog post really interesting, and you might, if you are thinking about commissioning a website. Lyndsay from Jammy Digital presents her view on which is the best option for companies with a small budget, a DIY Wordpress website or one from a cheap web designer. There are pros and cons to both approaches but she essentially concludes it's better to DIY.

Here's the blog post:

I'm one of those "cheap" web designers they mention.

My target market is exactly the small enterprises discussed in the blog post. Generally, smaller companies don't have massive budgets to hire firms like Jammy Digital. I've even worked for a big name firm who didn't have a large budget either!

That's where the idea for the service that I provide was born.

I was so fed up spending a fortune on a fancy agency - they were all over us to begin with but then charged a maintenance fee, charged for phone calls, charged for updates.... I just wanted to be able to upload content myself, to a great looking website, whenever I wanted.


Here's what sets me apart from "cheap" web designers.

First, I use Wix, not Wordpress. Yes, it's a WYSIWYG [what you see, is what you get] editor, and yes, my clients could create a website using Wix themselves. BUT what they can't neccessarily do is create a functional design and back it up with SEO. They can't learn how to use the editor in five minutes. They are not sure about branding and layout and white space. In fact they have better things to do with their time.

Each of my website builds begins with a conversation with my clients. I onboard them with an intake form. I supply checklists to them for their content - and even help them write it. I continue to have conversations with them and hold their hand throughout the build. In fact I maybe spend a little more time than I should.

I listen to their goals and objectives and deliver a great looking website. At the end of the build I hand their Wix account over to them with a tutorial session on how to use the editor / upload a blog post / whatever else they need. So now they have invested some time and a small amount of money but they get full control over a great looking functional website that they now own AND know how to use, and I get some business.

My approach has all the benefits of them having built a website themselves, but with a better end result overall - for me and them.


Recently I built a new website for a client, who already had a Wix website. He was already a DIY Wix user, but he knew he couldn't achieve the results that I could. He was changing the name and tone of his business and wanted to take his website up another level. He sells bespoke products for thousands of pounds, so his website had to match. It had to be branded, classy and professional.

In the end, the cost of the work I did for him - making a completely new site - was £450. That's cheap.

To find out how I can help let's have a conversation - call me 07732 000906, or fill out my contact form and I'll be happy to chat to you.

Next week - five tips for saving money on your website build.

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