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Make automated functions work for you

Let's say you have a special offer on a product that you're promoting. You share the hell out of a discount coupon on facebook and insta, everyone likes and shares and you get some online sales. Happy days.

But what if you captured your target audience's email addresses at the same time?

Wix allows you to set up a marketing funnel, where in return for the discount/ freebie/ saving/ download your customers give you their email address. After all, it's only an email address, and they can always unsubscribe, right?

Customers are used to bartering data for goodies, as long as they are in control, of course. The beauty of the Wix system is that you can set up an automated response to that click and it'll send an email in reply containing your discount voucher or download link or whatever it is you have promised. Neat huh?

Try it here >>


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