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I thought I would highlight some of the great marketing tools you can benefit from by using Wix for your website. Wix has a number of powerful online marketing tools that complement your site once you've established your online presence.

1 Email Marketing

Sending emails to your customers is very effective, and best of all, free! You can use Ascend email which offers ready-made templates and fully customizable options, so you can reflect your brand and personal style in your messages. Ascend also allows you to integrate your contacts into your mailing list and then track your email stats to see opens, clicks, and views.

2 Social Posts

I personally love this Wix tool. It makes it super easy to create exactly the right size social post for each platform, plus you have access to Wix's image library which not only contains loads of beautiful images, but graphic art and cartoons as well. For example you could use your Ascend Social Posts to showcase a product and promote a sale or create interesting content or design. You can also download your design to use later. Wix has this useful social media guide to help you stay active on these platforms by posting regularly and consistently.

3 Automations

What a great resource this is. Use the automations tool to automatically reply every time a customer signs up to your email marketing list or thank your customers for their purchase. Use your social media posts combined with automations as a sales funnel to help convert an retain your customers. It's total genius for the time poornd one of the most useful tools in your Wix dashboard.

4 Personalised Social Share Settings

I love this! Along with setting the SEO for each page by using your keywords in your title, description and alt text in order to get your website ranking higher in search engines, you can amend the social share settings for each page.

Every time you share a page link on social media you can have a customised image and description. It's easy to change each one by clicking managing pages and going to social share.

My pro tip is to write a great keyword rich text description on the SEO setting which will then be copied into your social share automatically.

5 Wix Blog

I've covered blogging in previous Tips on Tuesday, but I feel it's a really good aid for your SEO. Since Wix improved the blog tool it looks really professional, and adds more related and useful content to your website. Blogging also allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field as well as helping and inspiring others. Wix blog lets you build a Member’s Area where visitors sign up to your site and receive access to exclusive offers. Members can then follow and comment on posts and even become guest writers!

There's a whole host of other great marketing tools from Wix, so I would definitely recommend taking a bit of time to explore the Wix dashboard to see what else you can do, and I'm always happy to chat if you need help.

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