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Happy new year!

With the start of every new year there's a chance to reassess your brand and website in the light of the latest design trends and quite frankly, cool stuff that's around.

That's not to say you need to throw all the latest design cues at your website or marketing; but you can certainly look at ways to enhance your existing collateral, or if you are developing a new marketing campaign you could take some stylistic cues from the latest trends.

Here's my round up of design trends for 2021.


The Wix blog puts asymmetric layouts at the top of their 2021 web design trends. They say "Asymmetric layouts present a different set of advantages: the results are more dynamic and daring, and they give you more freedom of design." So look out for more asymmetric layouts available in Wix templates or think about creating interest on your site by shifting the design balance just a little.


Last year colours moved towards a more muted palette, but it looks like 2021 will feature more positive and cheerful shades, yet still with that muted feel. 99Designs colour trend prediction for 2021 says we will see lots of single-color designs, muted colors, colors found in nature and palettes that easily blend together, and Pantone's Vivify colour platte has a pastel, summer vibe.


The retro and vintage trend that has been around for a few years now is still with us, but it's moving away from the steam punk vibe and taking on a sharper, sci-fi edge.

Think Metropolis and Blade Runner - this style epitomises the sci-fi dreams of a bygone era.

Read more about this trend at The Retrofuturist .

Personally I love this style, so for good measure, here's the classic film poster from Metropolis.


In case you haven't noticed, you can even make your facebook pictures 3D now. High quality 3D visuals are becoming incorporated into more and more web designs. This blog by webflow explores some sites which use this exciting trend in clever ways. Following on from animation and parallax scrolling, the effect gives an additional creative touch to help your brand stand out.


Wix's responsive design platform, Editor X, gives so much more scope for interactivity than the standard editor - although users are starting to see the tools filter down to the Wix editor as well. Here's an interactive site built on Editor X by the Wix team featuring their design predictions for 2021 showcasing what is possible.

These are certainly design cues I will be taking forward and playing with in 2021.

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